My Profile - Pablo ROS

I have grown up watching movies. And I soon have become passionate about them. But I wanted something more, I wanted to be part of them.


A good movie director knows how to manipulate the viewers. He knows how to make them dive into the experience, to make them emotionally involved with the virtual world, to make them identify themselves with the fictional characters. A good movie tricks you into thinking the action is real.


I wanted to trick the viewers into thinking they were part of the action.


I soon knew that this passion had a name, Game Design.


So I took a course at Vancouver Film School’s Game Design and followed the Storytelling and Level Design streams.


Now graduated with a Game Design Diploma, my goal is to create fictional and virtual worlds for the players to explore, and a story behind it to involve them into it.


So I developed my skill set to better immerse the player into this experience, into this Magic Circle.


I'm now very skilled with game design doc, game mechanics and level design.


Very interested in narrative and interactive experiences, I want to develop my skills to create the future medium of entertainment.

My Game Design Skills:


- Research & analysis
- Concept doc
- Game Design doc
- Game mechanics
- Gameplay bricks
- Script writing & dialogues
- Narrative & gameplay interactions
- Game balancing
- User Interface design

My Level Design Skills:


- Concept doc
- Level Design doc
- Art bible
- 2D layout & Blueprint
- Whiteboxing & Gameplay features
- Gameplay testing
- Environmental Level Design & Set dressing
- Quality Assurance

My Other Skills:


- Strong English spoken environment adaptation
- Strong teamwork ability
- Assigned tasks ownership and leadership

- Project & team management

- 2D drawings

- Public talks and presentations

- Martial arts

The tools I use