UnBoxed is a first person puzzle game that takes place in a 3D space. The character is trapped inside a room made of cubes over which he has control. The player can manipulate rows of cubes to solve puzzles, with the objective of escaping alive. With wise use of the mechanic, the player can turn traps into tools to find a way out.

UnBoxed is the Vancouver Film School final project done in Unity 3D, I've worked on within a team of 4 plus 2 sound collaborators.

The team name is TeamPunk.​



  • Pablo ROS - Project Manager/UI Designer/2D Artist
  • Siddharth Chinnakaruppan Rajendran - Programmer
  • Jonathan Tittley - Level Designer
  • Sarthak Kapoor - 3D Artist


  • Andrew Swart
  • Andrew Szombathy

Special Thanks to our Instructors and Mentors at VFS for their incredible support.

UnBoxed Logo

​As a 2D artist, game designer, project manager and set dresser on my final project at Vancouver Film School, this page is dedicated to my work​.​

As an artist and Game Designer, I was in charge of the User interface, dynamic Crosshair, H.U.D. and menus, logos, set dressing and the creation of several textures for UnBoxed.

I had to make sure the entire user experience fits the puzzle design in an intuitive and simple way.

I have written the entire Game Design Document excluding the Level Design part, explaining every single mechanic.

​As a Project Manager, I was in charge of the schedule plan,​ tasklist and every document involving the project, such as a business plan as an assignment for the school. Documents available on request.

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UnBoxed won the first Place of DigiBC's 2nd Annual Student Interactive Property Competition

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Official Game Trailer